Blackberry Jam Cake, 2.25 lb.

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The Kentucky Jam Cake is a traditional cake made with blackberry jam, special spices, nuts and real old fashioned caramel icing to create a moist & rich dessert sure to satisfy a nostalgic craving. Can be frozen and enjoyed at your convenience, or refrigerated for a month. After an area-wide search of various bakers, we discovered this most authentic and most delicious jam cake made in Flemingsburg, Kentucky. Available for shipping October-April.
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Jam Cake Christmas gift review
Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Review star icon Jan 2, 2019
I was raised in Fleming County. My mother was the best cook, cake and pie maker for miles. Her jam cake was the best. This cake was a gift. A very good cake but definitely needs more blackberry jam. Although it was delicious, I couldn't taste the jam. At 81 years old, I have eaten many jam cakes. Hooray for the baker from Fleming County!!
Daisy Fannin