Father's Day Cooler Gift Pack

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We are offering this gift with a free reusable cooler bag and free ice block for a unique Father's Day gift. The regular price for this, with the cooler bag and the ice is $46.10. We are doing a father's day special of this package for $39.00. Customers don't need to pay extra for the ice or warm weather shipping, it is included. Gift package includes the following:

* Reusable Cooler & Ice Pack
* 2 Original Blue Monday Candy Bars
* Ale8 BBQ Sauce
* 3 Cinnamon Suckers
* 8 oz. Ruth Hunt Caramels
* 3.5 oz. Mingua Brothers Original Beef Jerky
* Lexington's Boone Creek SASSY REDHEAD cheese
* 2 oz. Woodford Bourbon Ball

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